• 〈Star Spirit 2〉, 2016, embroidery and applique on cotton, 343×104 cm ,Courtesy of the artist and Project Space.Pha Tad Ke

Three Hmong Protectors 3


 Tcheu Siong is part of the ethnic minority of the White Hmong, a group that has often been displaced.  Now, these people of the high lands have become integrated into the economic and cultural space of the Lao lowlands. This displacement of remote groups is encouraged by the Lao state for the sake of social welfare and cultural assimilation, but, surely, it must have created disturbances in the guiding spirits who are the guardians of the territory that the White Hmong occupy. Did these spirits come along on the journey? How have they become urbanized? Does Tcheu Siong now live as an outsider? Where is her centre? She dreams a lot, and it was from this world of dreams that her characters came, first interpreted by her Shaman husband, manifested then manifested quite simply, through her scissors and cloth. For the artist, dreams are a voice from another world, they give order and direction to one’s life, but they are not clear and we need to decipher them.

About the Artist

 Born 1968, Laos. Lives and works in Luang Prabang, Laos. She describes the characters in her artworks as emerging from dreams and visions, the zones between consciousness and dreaming. She believes that dreams are the path to another world, a world that she obeys because it elucidates this one. Her artworks explore the connections between a woman, her imagination, her world, her childhood, her demons and her aspirations. With her scissors, thread and ties, she makes these spirits, gods and ghosts conform to her will, making them part of the world which “nourishes” her.
Selected recent exhibitions: APT9 (Queensland Art Gallery, 2018), Elevations Laos-Vientiane (I:Cat Gallery,2018), Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors (2016), Spirit Works: The Art of Tcheu Siong (Chapman Gallery, 2016), Spirit Works: Tcheu Siong (H. Williams Gallery, Concordia University, 2016), Tcheu Siong, New Works (Project Space.Luang Prabang, 2012), Tcheu Siong - The Genie Behind the Scissors (Project Space.Luang Prabang , 2010).