• 〈The Alchemy〉,2019, C10H15N human urine, refrigerated cabinet (120×120×210 cm), jadeite (dia 12.7 cm), marble sphere water fountain (dia 60 cm×60 cm), immersion sturgeon waterproof contact microphone, USB audio interface, controller, 6 sound speakers

  • 〈Friction Current〉,2019, single-channel video, full HD, black and white, silent. 20min09sec (Wait for final edited), loop,Courtesy of the artist

Friction Current: Magic Mountain Project


We are strangers of the same old mountain and the same old river.
In the cosmic folklore of Zomia highland groups, mountains are considered wrinkled lands, sewn by special threads, which weave together the region and the continent. In the perspective of modern science, these lands were formed through plate tectonics in geologic time, involving the dynamics of pressure, temperature and enormous friction. The process has unfolded for eons, and continues to the present.
Friction Current: Magic Mountain Project is an artistic research project by Jiandyin that focuses on the phenomenon of forces caused by an interplay of social and political resistance, relative motions, frictions and currents between modern nation states and the stateless Zomia. It takes as its starting point, two types of witnesses. First, the jadeite formed by metamorphic rocks in reaction with the chemical elements NaAlSi2O6 and second, urine samples containing the chemicals C10H15N (methamphetamine). The circulation of these two substances in and from the Zomia  cross not only the borders of nation states, but also the border between the legal and illegal, thus functioning as metaphors for the intertwining of the historical, the sociopolitical, the economic and the cultural.

About the Artist

Collaborative interdisciplinary artists and curators team since 2002. They currently live and work in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Almost a decade, they have been developing work that approached with artistic research, field work, genealogically layered with references to multiple sources and evidence, forms and matters upon a wide range of disciplines and mediums, achieve through collaboration and social engagement. Jiandyin are interested in creating space/platform or situation to analyze relationships between man and society in relation to context and history of place and space. They delve into complex, ambiguous universal and specific issues regarding the political conflict or effect on marginalized groups which is a paradox of nation-state.
Jiandyin’s solo-exhibitions include Portrait [Archives of Dialogue: Seeing and Being] Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Ontology of Gold: Magic Mountains, Cartel Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand, in 2017. Biennales and exhibitions include The stranger from beyond the Mountain and the sea- 2019 Asian Art Biennial, The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan. 2018 Kuandu Biennale: Seven Questions for Asia, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan. Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018: Edge of the wonderland, Krabi, Thailand. Re-Activation 9th Shanghai Biennale, Zhongshan Park Project, Shanghai Power Station of Art, Shanghai China. The Exotika 2013, Silpakorn Art Lab, Nakhon Pathom Thailand- Galerie Nord and Galerie M, Berlin, Germany.
Jiandyin are founders of Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture in 2011, a not-to-profit artist initiative that runs contemporary art and cultural, artist in residency, curatorial, interdisciplinary exchange and post-education programs for Nongpho community’s contemporary art and culture development and global networks.