• 〈Earthquakes〉, 2017, two-channel video installation, 09min, loop, Courtesy of the 80m2 Livia Benavides and Tegenboschvanvreden.With the support of Kyoto Art Center, Amsterdams Fond voor de Kunst and Associação Cultural Videobrasil



An unnatural landscape appears in an empty theatre. Without any human action, a series of events begins to unleash. The motionless scene is abruptly interrupted by artificial disasters. The scenography breaks down and the staged landscape collapses. As the long-shot continues, the remnants left behind appear again, inexplicably recomposed.

Disasters are taken as metaphors of upheavals that impede the narrative impulse to build a coherent sequence. By dramatizing the artificiality of nature, the term “earthquake” is itself reconsidered and reformulated from a scenographic perspective. In Earthquakes, we sense the co-existence of different layers of time — the duration of the long shot, the historical time of the (absent) humans and the geologic time of tectonic plate movements.

Director: Maya Watanabe
Director of Photography: Fujii Sho
Focus Puller: James Latimer
Art Director: Miyashita Tadaya
Sound: German Popov, OMFO
Production Manager: Miyamoto Yoshio (-L .S .C-)
Lighting: Sanwa Pro Light, Inc., Sogo Yohe (i RYU, Inc.)
Translator: Arakawa Kosuke
Special Thanks
Haruna Hirano, Aaron Berman, Jimba Keisuke, Morita Takumi, Mukai Mari, Nishida Hanji, Shimada Yoshitaka, Tategami Kotaro, Yoshimitsu Yoshiya, Thereza Farkas, León Chiprout, Jordi Abusada, Sebastián Díaz Morales.


About the Artist

 Born in 1983, Maya Watanabe is a Peruvian visual artist who works with video installations. Watanabe is currently a PhD researcher in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is based in Amsterdam.
She has also collaborated as a set designer and audiovisual art director for theatre
plays performed in Peru, Spain, Austria and Italy. Her work has been exhibited at: Palais de Tokyo, Matadero Madrid, Kadist Art Foundation SF, Das Fridericianum, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Lima, and Kyoto Art Center among others. She has been featured in festivals like Videobrasil, LOOP, FILE, Transitio MX, Madrid Abierto, Havana Film Festival, Beijing Biennale and Havana Biennale.